4 tips for business travel without stress

Business trips are often accompanied by stress about an important meeting or presentation. With these tips, at least won’t have to worry about the trip itself.

Travel light: don’t bring too much baggage

Adapt your outfit to the setting: do you have a meeting in a relatively casual company, or is the dresscode more formal? In any case, bring a set of spare clothes to avoid unpleasant surprises. Most business hotels have a dry cleaning service and provide an iron and ironing board in the room, so you can also use these if you need to. Choose a suitcase or trolley that you can use as a carry-on on the plane: that will save you the stress of having to wait at the baggage claim. Tip: check with your airline how many pieces of carry-on baggage you are allowed, and the maximum dimensions.

Documents: bring printouts and spare copies

Before you leave, make printouts of hand-outs and notes that you will need during your stay. Store all printouts in separate folders for each member of your audience. That way you don’t have to look for a printer at the last minute. You can also bring your own portable printer. Of course you stored your presentation and notes on the hard disk of your computer, but be sure to also bring a spare copy on an hard drive external or a usb-stick

Laptops, mobile telephones and PDA’s: don’t forget the necessary cables

Nothing is more frustrating than a laptop or smartphone out of battery power. So be sure to always keep the power cable and spare batteries for these devices in your laptop bag. Check in advance whether the power voltage is the same at your destination as at home, and bring a travel adapter if necessary.

Just before you leave: your travel documents

Before you go out the door, it’s a good idea to check one last time that you have everything with you. Put important documents such as your identity card, passport and ticket all together in a folder and keep it within reach. Tip: do you like peace and quiet while you travel? Then be sure not to forget to pack headphones or earplugs in your carry-on