4 tips for hygiene at the officeBruneau

Keep it clean

If there is a survey at the office, it will appear that the vast majority of the employees prefer to work in an environment that is as clean as possible. Agreed, there are colleagues everywhere who do not really care, who will not lose any sleep over more or less hygiene at work. However, they forget that working in less hygienic circumstances can lead to all types of bothersome ailments.

Scientific research shows that a considerable number of offices have many bacteria and moulds, of which some can be very hazardous to one’s health. A company with a sense for responsibility does not allow bacteria and moulds to affect its employees’ health. Extra effort for maximum hygiene at the office pays dividends in the long term. Relatively small efforts can have great effects, as will appear from the tips below.

4 golden tips for better hygiene at the office

  • clean the computer keyboard with a disinfecting spray;
  • make sure that there is enough opportunity to wash your hands;
  • dry your hands with disposable towels;
  • keep every desk neat because untidiness leads to dirtiness.

JM Bruneau helps you guarantee hygiene at the office thanks to, among others, the pack spray of Jelt Clavier Net. This spray’s main characteristics are listed below:

  • cleaning agent without alcohol for plasma and LCD screens;
  • very effective for cleaning keyboards;
  • anti-static and biodegradable;
  • apply to cloth, clean the surface and leave to dry;
  • not suitable for glass surfaces.

The range also includes the Visunet cloths, famous for their high quality. They are just damp enough and thus perfectly suitable to clean keyboards, screens and all plastic surfaces. The cloths have been pre-soaked in a special cleaning liquid and they absorb dirt. Other properties are, among others, the following: can be used directly, are strongly dust-absorbing, do not shed fluff and are intended for single use. Every box contains 70 wipes, which will help guarantee hygiene.

JM Bruneau has a large range of products, including this anti-dust spray. It combines quality, efficiency and safety and guarantees that your computer equipment will be cleaned thoroughly. The spray can be used for frequent maintenance and to remove dust from keyboards, central units, printers and optic components. They are available in two models.

The Visunet 650ml cleaning spray is the only product that you can use while working, without having to switch off the computer. Its characteristics are the following:

  • large capacity;
  • anti-static cleaning foam for keyboards, screens and plastic surfaces for office equipment;
  • does not cause any reflections on the screens;
  • does not leak;
  • does not leave any traces after drying with a soft, lint-free cloth;
  • inflammable, to be used under pressure;
  • CFC-free;

The disinfecting ClearKlens IPA spray is a ready-to-use hygiene agent based on 70% isopropyl alcohol intended to hygienically clean surfaces in a controlled atmosphere. The spray was designed to spray either directly onto a surface or onto a hygienic disposable cloth. This spray guarantees hygiene at the office.

Ecover hand soap cleans hands in all softness. The soap is well suited for a sensitive skin and has the following characteristics:

  • fresh, natural perfume;
  • contains aloe vera, neutral pH;
  • convenient hand pump;
  • natural ingredients;
  • has minimum impact on the environment. JM Bruneau is only too willing to help guarantee hygiene at the office.