1. Which data are collected and on which legal basis ?

As part of the consultation and the use of our website www.jm-bruneau.be (jm-bruneau.nl, jm-bruneau.lu) is JM Bruneau required to collect a certain number of personal data, in order to optimize the organization of a commercial relationship and the expected service, or for purposes of legitimate interests as being responsible for the treatment.

On the pages on which the personal data are requested, you will be informed which data are obligatory (indicated with the symbol), and which are elective, as well as the possible consequences when these data have not been transferred.

The collected data are : your company, your professional identification data, your delivery and invoicing data, the data relating to the commercial relationship, and your navigation data.

We also use the data transferred by our trading partners. In the case of prospection by email to prospects who have never ordered with Bruneau, we assure that the email addresses have been collected loyally and legally. There will always appear in advance a message, in which is said that the data can be possibly transferred to third parties, and that one has always the right to oppose this with a simple click.

2. Why are you data collected ?

Some data are required for the consideration of the customer's question or order, while other data may help to be better acquainted with the customer and, consequently, better adjust the offers to his needs, e.g. by customizing the prospect offers that he will receive, using the information from marketing or statistical studies on the products or on the online navigation.

As soon as you create an account with our firm or you subscribe to our newsletter, we have the possibility to address our commercial offers, when we estimate that these can be interesting for you.

When we send an email, we always indicate clearly the subject matter, which appears in the electronic inbox, the identity, the brand Bruneau or the commercial nature of our proposal.

3. Which rights do you have?

In accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation n° 2016/679 from the 27th of April 2016 and subject to an express request, you have not only the right to access and to correct your personal data, but also the right to oppose the storage of your personal data or to delete them. You can appeal to this right by sending an email to personaldata@jm-bruneau.be or a letter to – Esplanade Oscar Van de Voorde 1, 9000 Gent. It is necessary to add a double-sided copy of your identity card.

In the case of prospection by email, you will also find on the bottom of the page the possibility, with a simple click, to appeal to your right for opposition to every new message, send by email.

Supporting information concerning the privacy protection and the treatment of your personal data can be obtained at the Data Protection Authority, Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels.

When you have appealed to the right of opposition, our firm will stop the treatment of your personal data, except in the case of imperative and legitimate reasons for the treatment, or in order to assure the recognition, the execution or the defense of your rights in court. When this is not the case, our firm will inform you about the motifs why the rights, to which you wish to appeal, are not completely or only partially applied.

Finally, you have the right to provide us with instructions regarding the manner in which your personal data may be processed after your death.

4. How long are the data stored ?

Your personal data will be stored no longer than the strict necessary duration for the objectives, as described above.

Your personal data are used by our firm, in order to manage the relationships with the other companies we work together with. These data will be stored as long as the commercial relationship lasts, for commercial purposes, taken into account the maximum duration, subscribed by the law.

The same goes for the personal data concerning the management of your orders, the delivery of your products, the invoicing and the accountancy of your customer account. These data are stored during the applicable legal directive.

Our firm makes the commitment to archive or to delete the personal data, as soon as it is no longer necessary to conserve them or when the maximal legal duration of their storage expires.

5. Who are the data intended for ?

The collected data are intended for our firm, including the authorised and empowered personnel, who – for the sake of their functions – need to have these data for a correct treatment.

Certain tasks in terms of technical services (housing, maintenance,…), marketing or logistics have been outsourced to third parties. These third parties will only receive the data they need, in order to execute their tasks correctly.

We ensure that these external parties store the transferred data in all safety and confidentiality.

6. Data protection

We commit ourselves to guarantee the safety and the confidentiality of the personal date, adapted to the risks that come with the treatment and the nature of the personal data, thanks to the strict technical and organizational measures in our firm. For the data that have been collected online, we use SSL encryption from GlobalSign, in order to guarantee a high level of protection.

You recognize that the policy in terms of data protection and cookies only is applied when it comes to the consultation and the use of our website, and will not concern the collected and/or treated data on external websites or sources, of which a link is visible on our website. Consequently, our firm can’t be taken responsible for the practices of these external websites or sources regarding the gathering and treatment of personal data. When necessary, we follow the policy for the protection of personal data, determined by these external sites or sources.

7. Who is responsible for the treatment ?

The treatment of your personal data is in the hands of the firm Bruneau (public limited company) – company number 0465.015.822 - RPM Gent, with the following address: Esplanade Oscar Van de Voorde 1 – 9000 GENT.

8. Data Protection Officer

The firm Bruneau and its collaborators are continuing daily their efforts to respect the privacy and the protection of personal data. If you have any concerns or complaints about our privacy policy or if you feel that your personal data have not been handled correctly, please email to the Data Protection Officer (DPO), using the following address : dpo@jm-bruneau.be.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you have a right to complain to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy; or to the Supervisory Authority of the EU member state where you live.

9. Cookies

This section allows you to learn more on the origin and use of the navigation information that is processed when you visit this website, it also focuses on your rights. This section is important for you, as you want to experience our services in a positive and confident way, and for us, as we want to offer precise and complete answers to your questions about your visit to our website and take into account your wishes. When you visit the website, information about the navigation of your terminal device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on our website/application, may be saved in cookie files installed on your terminal device. Apart from that, we may buy advertising space directly or through our partners (communication agencies, sales houses) in order to promote our activities and our offers on third party sites/applications, by means of advertising content (text, graphics, animations, videos, etc.) transmitted by these sites/applications. Please note that only the transmitter of a cookie can read or change data that are included in it.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files that are downloaded to your computer or terminal device when you visit a website or an advert. Cookies collect information about your navigation and help us to improve your experience when visiting our website. They are also used to offer more relevant content to users.

Different types of cookies:

When you connect to our website jm-bruneau.be (jm-bruneau.nl, jm-bruneau.lu), we may install cookies on your terminal device, subject to your preferences (see "Managing cookies"), which allow us to recognise your browser during the running time of the cookie.

Different types of cookies are used on our website, they have different purposes.

Functional cookies:

Cookies that allow us to personalise your experience on our website (for instance, remind you of the most recent products you visited, remember your login details and the contents of your shopping cart) or adjust the presentation of our website jm-bruneau.be (jm-bruneau.nl, jm-bruneau.lu) to the display preferences of your terminal device (display resolution, used operating system, etc) when you visit the website, according to the hardware and software of your terminal device.

Analytical cookies:

Cookies that help Bruneau to improve the way the website works (for instance, when you visit our website, information will be collected, from software that is activated by your own device, on date, visited pages, time of the visit, IP address of your device, access provider, search engine, what link was followed to reach our website). This information allows us to improve the user-friendliness of the site and the efficiency of our partnerships.

Third party cookies:

When you visit our website, one or more cookies from partner companies ("third party cookies") may be downloaded to your computer. Third party advertisers may use their own cookies to collect information about the products you have visited or bought from our website. This information may be used by them to serve advertisements which they believe are most likely to be of interest to you. Bruneau may pass such information concerning your purchases and visited products to its partners.

We make sure that partner companies process the information collected from our website jm-bruneau.be (jm-bruneau.nl, jm-bruneau.lu) exclusively for Bruneau in compliance with our instructions, and in accordance with the French Data Protection act dated January 6th, 1978 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation n° 2016/679 dated April 27th, 2016. We will use our best efforts to make sure that all third parties we work with will keep your personal data safe and secure.

Managing cookies

You have different possibilities for managing the cookies. Through the chosen privacy settings, both the online navigation and the access to specific services are being influenced, as the use of cookies is necessary for them to function correctly. You can indicate your choice at any moment, by expressing and adapting your wishes in terms of cookies, with the aid of the following methods, or by modifying your navigation software.

You can indicate in the settings of your navigation software, that the cookies need to be registered on your device, or – on the contrary – that these cookies need to be refused, systematically or according to their issuer. You can also indicate in the settings of the navigation software that you should always have the option to accept or to refuse cookies, before a specific cookie is installed automatically on your device. If you wish to have more information on this matter, consult the section ‘How to indicate your choices, depending on the browser you use ?’

The registration of a cookie on a device is mostly subjected to the wishes of the user, which can be expressed or modified at any moment, and completely for free thanks to the choices, offered by the navigation software. If you chose in your navigation software to accept the registration of cookies on your device, all the cookies integrated in the consulted pages and content will be stored temporarily in a allocated space on your device. These cookies can only be read by their issuer.

If you refuse the registration of cookies on your device, or if you delete the cookies that already have been registered, it is no longer possible to use a series of functions, although these are necessary for being able to navigate on certain pages of our website. This is the case with pages or services where you need to identify yourself. This would also be true when we – or our providers – are not able, in terms of the technical compatibility, to recognize the type of the used browser on your device, the language and image settings or the country, in which your device is connected to the internet. In these cases, we shall no be responsible for the consequences, linked to the degraded operation of our services, as we are not able to register or consult the cookies, that have been deleted or refused by you and are necessary for a correct functioning of our website.

If you share the device with other users:

  • In this case, we cannot guarantee completely that the services and the publicity offered on your device will correspond with what would be proposed in case of own use. These offers can possibly be directed to the other user of the device.
  • You are free to choose if you share the device with other users. In this case, you will be responsible yourself for the privacy settings of your browser in terms of the cookies.

How to indicate your choices, depending on the browser you use?

The configuration of each browser is different for the management of the cookies and your own choices. This configuration is described in the help section of your browser, so you can always check how you can change your preferences in terms of the cookies.

  • For Internet Explorer: click here,
  • For Safari: click here, Or follow these instructions : choose ‘Safari’ > ‘Preferences’, click on ‘Privacy’, and then on ‘Manage Website Data’. Click finally on the website whose data you want to remove.
  • For Chrome: click here, Or follow these instructions : open the menu of the ‘Settings’ (icon of socket wrench). Click on ‘Advanced’, and then on ‘Content settings’. You can indicate your choices here.
  • For Firefox: click here,
  • For Opera: click here,

If you want more information on cookies and their management, please click on the option ‘Help’ in the menu of your browser.

Your preferences expressed online with interprofessional platforms

You can navigate to the website of Youronlinechoices, proposed by professional companies for digital publicity, grouped together in the European association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in Belgium by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

In this way, you get to know the companies who are subscribed to this platform, what gives you consequently the possibility to refuse or to accept the cookies, used by this companies in order to adapt the displayed publicity to the navigation data on your device: http://www.youronlinechoices.com.

This European platform is shared by hundreds of professional firms for online publicity, and forms a centralized interface, which serves as a basis for refusing or accepting the cookies, used for adapting the displayed publicity to the navigation data on your device.

Please note that this procedure does not have any influence on the displayed publicity on the websites you are visiting. It will only block the technologies, applied for adapting the publicity to your own interests.