About Bruneau

Bruneau is the e-commerce leader in France and Belgium in selling furniture, consumables, equipment and office supplies.

The company offers all professionals – companies, governments, associations, liberal professions, independents – a wide range of products that fulfill all their needs. For over 60 years Bruneau puts its knowledge, efficiency and performance at the service of its customers. Bruneau acquired in 1995 as one of the first businesses the certificate for quality service ISO-norm 9001, granted by AFAQ (French Association for Quality Guarantee), and obtained the certificate ISO 14001 in 2005 and ISO 18001 in 2008.

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Quelques chiffres

30 000 references95% of the orders delivered in less than 24 hours
5 500 processed orders per day77 000 m² storage space
6,5 million packages put ready and sent per year

Service as a second nature

For over 60 years a company at the service of other companies

Since 1955 Bruneau has been able to grow without losing sight of its service culture… Because serving the clients, that’s learning to be close to their reality, listening and guiding them objectively through their choices, while we take care of an optimal quality of the products we offer and of the contacts we have with the client during all stages (request for information, taking the orders, delivery, after sales service…). Bruneau is a true partner that strives to bring daily efficiency and well-being to its clients, by constantly working on the offer and the related services.

To be able to assist her clients, Bruneau has unique human and technical resources:

An e-commerce website and paper catalogs that are a reference in the market.

A renowned and appreciated customer service: More than 150 consultants (France + Belgium) to satisfy the customers 96% of the calls are answered in less than 20 seconds 94% of the e-mails are handled within 24 hours

A perfect logistic site: More than 18 hectares in Les Ulis (Essonne) and 70 000 m² stock equipped with the latest technologies: registration of the orders in real time, automated preparation of the packages, voice picking system,… Six logistical platforms for delivery (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Bordeaux) besides the headquarters in Les Ulis make sure our clients receive their orders within 24 hours!

Bruneau abroad

In 1998 Bruneau opened a branch in Belgium, and later other European markets followed such as Spain and the Netherlands.