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Belkin Universal Traditional Folio - Flip-Hülle für Tablet - strapazierfähiges Gewebe - Blacktop

This ultra-thin and versatile case offers a tailor-made approach to device protection. Retractable corners mold to your device for the ultimate made-to-measure fit, ensuring protection when not in use, and a secure hold when folded into a stand. With multiple viewing angles and full camera access, you can switch effortlessly between watching movies, taking pictures, and sending messages.The Traditional Folio is made of durable, lightweight fabric that's super soft to the touch, and perforated for a luxury look and feel. Retractable corners mold to the shape of your tablet for an incredibly tailored fit. A velvety smooth inner lining keeps your screen safe and cushioned.The Traditional Folio has been designed to complement every feature of your tablet, including the camera. A dedicated camera flap allows you to take pictures without removing the case.


  • Gewicht
  • Ref. Hersteller
  • Typ Schutz
  • Kopf / Produktlinie
    Belkin Universal
  • Innenmaße / Web-Tablet-Kompatibilität (metrisch)
    25.4 cm
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Belkin Universal Traditional Folio Flip-Hülle für Tablet

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